Rechtsextremistische Fahnen auf einer Demonstration zur Illustration des Arbeirsfelds „Rechtsextremismus", Keyvisual Rechtsextremismus

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Below you will find information on the right-wing extremist following, right-wing extremist crimes and violent offences, right-wing extremist political parties, the neo-Nazi scene, the subculturally oriented right-wing extremist scene as well as on the right-wing extremist music scene, right-wing extremist demonstrations and on right-wing extremist activities on the Internet.

  • Right-wing Extremist Membership (Overall View)

    By the end of 2015, right-wing extremist groups had a membership of approx. 22,600 in total, multiple memberships being deducted. So after years of decline, the right-wing extremist scene had again seen an increase in the number of followers.
    The Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands... Further information

  • Right-wing extremist crimes and violent offences

    The enormous rise in right-wing extremist violence and the increasing acceptance of right-wing extremism were two developments characterizing the past year. The increasing number of refugees led to anti-asylum agitation which became the dominant topic of 2015. This agitation is marked by its... Further information

  • Right-wing extremist parties

    Logo „Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands“ (NPD)

    Here you will find information on the right-wing-extremist parties Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands NPD / National Democratic Party of Germany, DIE RECHTE / The right, Der III. Weg / The IIIrd way and Bürgerbewegung pro NRW (pro NRW) / Civic Movement for North Rhine-Westphalia. Further information

  • The neo-Nazi scene

    Demonstration in Magdeburg

    Neo-National Socialists – neo-Nazis for short – adhere to an ideological form of right-wing extremism which follows historical National Socialism. Historical National Socialism is the basis and a fundamental point of reference for the neo-Nazi world view, which is characterised by the... Further information

  • Right-wing Extremist Scene of a Subculture Character

    Besucher einer Musikveranstaltung

    The subculture-oriented right-wing extremists with their membership of 8,200, though seemingly heterogeneous and unstructured, currently make up the largest group among German right-wing extremists. An accurate line cannot always be drawn between the various tendencies. The bulk of this scene is... Further information

  • Right-wing extremist music

    Musikveranstaltung in Hildburghausen

    While right-wing extremist music is not as important to the right-wing extremist scene as it was back in the 1990s and 2000s, when right-wing extremism in Germany was considerably influenced by the subcultural skinhead movement, it still has an important function. Further information

  • Right-wing extremist demonstrations

    Mit einem Transparent mit der Aufschrift «Asylmissbrauch stoppen! NPD» protestieren zahlreiche Menschen am 24.07.2015 in Dresden gegen den Aufbau eines Zeltlagers für Flüchtlinge in der Stadt.

    In 2015 the number of right-wing extremist rallies reached a new all-time high: year on-year the total number tripled. The German domestic intelligence community registered all in all 690 right-wing extremist rallies in the course of 2015. In contrast, the right-wing extremist spectrum had organised... Further information

  • Right-wing extremist activities on the Internet

    Screenshot der Internetseite

    Right-wing extremists and/or right-wing extremist organisations use the Internet to spread their opinions, concepts of the enemy and all forms of propaganda. Nowhere else can such a large number of openly xenophobic, anti Semitic and Islamophobic hate rhetoric be found. Further information

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Anti-terrorist Hotline: +49(0)221/ 792-3366